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*Required*  Please fill out this form with your information so that I can add you to my database.  

(Once received, I will email you a copy of your contract & invoice)   Password:  a5o

You can schedule visits online using my online scheduling tool - OR via email/text. These worksheets can help you to keep track of your bookings!

My lending library of books & DVDs is available for all of my clients to further educate themselves on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and parenting.  Access to these materials is included with most support packages.  


*Optional*  Make online payments via PayPal (@emdoula), Venmo (@puppy-smiles), or Cashapp ($kamiles).

You may pay your invoice in full, or make partial payments toward your remaining balance. 

An updated account statement can be requested at any time.

  • Empowered Families

Join the private Facebook Community!  This is a welcoming space for families of all backgrounds to ask questions, seek advice, and share support for others in their parenting journeys.


FREE Download for Birth Doula Clients:  

      Your 30-day Survival Guide!

"The Longest Month of Pregnancy" is an interactive e-book that serves as a companion to the home stretch of your pregnancy, offering ideas and activities to help you to bond with your baby, prepare for birth and postpartum, build your confidence, and nourish your body & soul.

It’s packed full of information and resources!


A limited number of group classes & events are scheduled throughout the year; you can find an updated schedule here:

No upcoming events at the moment

Questions to consider asking when choosing or interviewing your potential care provider & birth place.

(Printable Worksheet)

Dr. Brewer's diet was designed to decrease pre-eclampsia and other common pregnancy complications caused by malnutrition. The diet consists of 14 food groups. However, it can be summarized as starting with 4 basic components: 2600 calories, 80-120 grams of protein, salt to taste, and unrestricted weight gain.

(Printable Worksheet)

Counting kicks is a great way to get to know your baby and has been shown to reduce the occurrence of stillbirth, which occurs every 22 minutes in the United States. Most providers recommend you begin counting kicks in your 28th week of pregnancy, or at 26 weeks if you are high risk or pregnant with multiples.   (You can also download the mobile app!)

Visual Birth Plans are quick to read, easy to understand, and nurses love them!
Ready to create your
Visual Birth Plan?

Have your bags ready by 37 weeks!

A one-page list of important contacts for your birth team.  Pack with your birth kit!

(Printable Worksheet)

Useful tips & reminders for your partner.

A checklist of important items that you should consider collecting & preparing before your birth, so that you have a "recovery station" ready at your bedside.

Coping techniques from Penny Simkin (DONA).


More worksheets, checklists, infographics, videos, apps, and websites for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, infant care, and parenting!

Find local OBs, midwives, chiropractors, therapists, support groups, photographers, lactation consultants, and more!

A large collection of articles, research, videos, websites, and more!


Looking for teas, tinctures, balms, and other accessories

for late pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care?

Check out for my customized doula client accessory kits!

(I do not receive a commission - these kits are curated for your convenience)

Plus - SAVE 10% with code: KMiles


Unfortunately, Doulas are NOT directly covered by most insurance plans; however, you may be able to submit a copy of your paid invoice to get reimbursed for a portion of your doula fees!!

(You can also request reimbursement through your HSA/FSA.)

This feedback form is completely anonymous, and all questions are optional.  I greatly appreciate your feedback, as it helps me to continue to learn & grow as a doula!

I would greatly appreciate your testimonial for my website and/or Facebook, Doulamatch, etc!

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