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Belly Binding

What is Belly Binding?

Bengkung Belly Binding (or Perinatal Belly Binding) is the Malaysian practice of wrapping the postpartum parent with a long (about 16-18 yards) muslin bind to aid in recovery. Many cultures around the world practice similar techniques, however the Bengkung binding goes all the way from the lower hips to the rib cage in order to provide maximum abdominal support.

Belly binding is typically done within the first few days postpartum for vaginal deliveries, or once stitches have been removed following a cesarean delivery.

Wearing the binding for the first 6 weeks postpartum (up to 12 hours per day) can help to prevent diastasis recti (abdominal separation), supports the pelvic floor, and will help your organs return to their pre-pregnancy state more quickly. It also improves posture and supports loosened ligaments. Many people also find that they feel more comfortable and secure when wearing the binding.


**Note – your Bengkung wrap should be worn as much as possible during the first 6 weeks postpartum.**

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti is a thinning of the abdominal muscles that lessens support for the internal organs, and in many cases, severe back pain. Many of people experience this muscle injury in the third trimester, and it is even more common in those who have given birth multiple times.

It is often undiagnosed by medical professionals – and without attention and proper core/abdominal exercises, can actually make the injury worse. It’s important to do a self check and get a proper diagnosis before beginning any abdominal-targeting fitness regime so you ensure you heal your injury before working out.

If left untreated, diastasis recti can last for several years. It can cause back pain, reduce your range of movement, and in serious cases, even result in hernias.


Binding is most effective when done in the first few weeks postpartum – more effective core repair can be done with special exercises after your care provider gives full release (at least 6 weeks postpartum).

Wearing the binds will also improve posture in order to do a more effective squat. Doing regular squat exercises can greatly increase the strength of your pelvic floor – which can increase bladder control, sexual satisfaction, and lead to easier births in the future.

The Process

Binding can be a spiritually and emotionally healing practice. In the days after birth your body is left “open”, and the practice of binding can bring “closure”. Spending the time to care for oneself can also bring peace, acceptance, and recovery from any trauma left over from giving birth.

The wraps are made of 100% cotton muslin, about 16 yards for regular

and up to 20 yards for XL. 


(Special orders can be made with at least 1 week notice.)

If desired, a warming Belly Paste will be applied to the abdomen before the binding. The purpose of this paste is to help provide pain relief, relax the muscles, increase blood flow, detoxify, reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, and has anti-depressant properties.  The paste is also anti-fungal and anti-oxidant.

My custom-blended Belly Paste mix contains organic turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom.

Package Options:

Deluxe Belly Binding Package - $257


* Belly Binding Session with Paste Application

* Self-Binding Instruction

* White Muslin Bengkung Wrap

* 1 jar of Belly Paste

* 2 additional Binding Sessions

Standard Belly Binding Package - $157


* Belly Binding Session with Paste Application

* Self-Binding Instruction

* White Muslin Bengkung Wrap

Basic Belly Binding Package - $97


* Belly Binding Session with Paste Application

(You must provide or purchase your wrap separately.)



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