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Your Visual
Birth Plan

Writing a Birth Plan is a great way to communicate your preferences and priorities to your birthing team.  You are able to specify, in writing, all of the options to consider before, during, and after birth.  The process of putting together the elements of your plan will give you many options to consider, and it is a great time to begin researching (if you haven’t already) all of the pros and cons of interventions offered and the different situations that may arise.

It is always a good idea to keep your Birth Plan short and simple – anything longer than one page will take longer for everyone to read, and will not be as easy to navigate should a change in plans arise.  Be sure to discuss your plans with your primary caregiver during a regular prenatal visit, and bring extra copies to your birth place for everyone on your birth team  (Doctor/OB/Midwife, nurses, etc.)

Birth Plan Consultations (including a customized Visual Birth Plan) are included with ALL Birth Doula Packages!  Non-clients may use the links below to either book a consultation, or simply order a customized PDF file of your birth plan.

Want to learn more about your options before creating a birth plan?

Enroll in the Holistic Childbirth Preparation e-Course!  (It's also HSA/FSA eligible!)

Visual Birth Plan
(Virtual Consultation) - $75
Appointment scheduled via Zoom or Facetime. We will discuss your birth vision & review your options. I will answer any questions that you have, and help you find the perfect format for your birth plan.  Includes a PDF file of your Visual Birth Plan that you can share with the rest of your birth team!

After scheduling your consultation, an invoice will be sent before your booking is confirmed.

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