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Create Your Own
Custom Family Sleep Plan

offers a new approach to infant sleep!
Newborn Baby with Mom
You're exhausted and overwhelmed.
You're struggling with night wakings.
You're tired of conflicting advice from well-meaning friends and family.
Exercising with Baby
But you know in your HEART
what's right for your family.
  • You cherish the peaceful time spent cuddling your baby to sleep.

  • You want your baby to know that you will respond to their needs, day or night.

  • You enjoy the quiet moments, nursing your baby at night.

  • You want to know what to expect as your baby’s sleep changes throughout the first year.

  • You want to find a way to meet everyone’s needs.

This course is NOT for you if...
  • You want your child to "cry-it-out".

  • You want to manipulate your baby's behavior.

  • You're looking for a quick fix - not a lifestyle change.

  • You aren't committed to building a healthy attachment to your child.

  • You don't care to find balance in your life.

  • You're only looking for a short-term solution.

Newborn Baby
The "Build Your Own
Sleep Plan" e-Course

This course was created for expectant and newly postpartum families, to establish healthy expectations and habits surrounding infant sleep. This is a gentle alternative to sleep training, using evidence-based research and developmental neuroscience.

Take the first step toward healthier sleep - for your whole family.

What's Included:

You will have lifetime access to this
self-paced, comprehensive e-
  • 8 Learning Modules  ($397 value)

  • Printable Sleep Workbook  ($29 value)

  • Customizable Family Sleep Plan  ($59 value)

  • BONUS Download - Presentation Slides (for notes & review)

  • BONUS Download - Printable Handouts  ($39 value)

  • BONUS: Yoga Nidra mp3 ($20 value)

  • ...and more, all for just $197!

What Will We Cover?
  • About This Course

  • A New Approach to Sleep

Module 1: Expectations vs. Reality
  • 5 Infant Sleep Myths 

  • 5 Surprising Facts

  • Orchid & Dandelion Children

  • Your Stories About Sleep

Module 2: Attachment Parenting 101
  • Attachment Theory

  • Attachment Parenting Myths

  • Stages of Attachment

  • Insecure Attachment - Causes & Concerns

  • Secure Attachment

Module 3: Infant Brain Development
  • Infant Brain Development

  • The Stress Response System

Module 4: Infant Sleep 101
  • Circadian Rhythms & Melatonin

  • Sleep Cycles

  • Infant Sleep is Variable

  • Infant Sleep is not Linear

Module 5: Overcoming Challenges
  • Common Challenges

  • Sleep Deprivation

  • Red Flags

  • What is Sleep Training?

  • Sleep Training Risks

  • Self-Soothing

Module 6: Gentle Strategies
  • The Fourth Trimester

  • Communicating With Your Baby

  • Daytime Parenting

  • Bedtime Rituals, Cues, & Naps

  • Feeding & Sleep

  • Nighttime Parenting

  • Self-Care & Mindfulness

Module 7: Safe Sleep Environment
  • Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID & SIDS)

  • Sleep Surfaces

  • Safe Sleep Recommendations

  • Sleep Environment

  • Montesorri Nursery

Module 8: Creating a Sleep Plan
  • Sleep Plan Template

  • Creating a Sleep Plan

Final Thoughts
  • Recommended Reading

  • When to Get Help

Enroll Today!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is "Holistic Sleep Strategies"?
    Holistic Sleep Strategies looks at sleep in the context of the entire family; not just the baby. We explore the many factors affecting how the whole family sleeps. We encourage supporting the normal sleep patterns of babies, and building a strong attachment in order to foster optimal brain development. Having realistic expectations of what is normal (and what is not) helps to reduce stress, and allows you to create a routine that works best for your family.

  • How does the Holistic Sleep Strategies differ from sleep training methods?
    Sleep training is based on a harmful science called behaviorism, which has the potential to put your child’s mental health at risk. Sleep trainers teach your baby to stop crying out for you; not necessarily to get more sleep. Night wakings are NORMAL and healthy; and you can still find ways to get better sleep without leaving your baby to “cry it out”.

  • How quickly can I expect my baby to sleep through the night?
    Holistic Sleep Strategies is NOT a quick fix solution - instead of teaching you to “control” your baby, you will explore your different options for SUPPORTING your baby’s sleep. (Even adults don’t sleep through the night!!)

  • How do I know if this will work for my baby?
    Holistic Sleep Strategies is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach; it is a customizable program where you discover ways to support your baby’s sleep, while also meeting their biological needs & nourishing their neurological development.

  • How do I teach my baby to sleep?
    Babies are born knowing how to sleep; in fact, they spend most of their time sleeping! What they actually need is an environment that supports their circadian rhythms.

  • Why is there so much conflicting information surrounding infant sleep?
    Many of the “sleep experts” writing books & blogs today are basing their information on their opinions and/or personal experiences - not on biological norms or neuroscience research. Our modern lifestyles have changed, and very often our lives are not designed to accommodate a baby’s needs. Parents today often have unrealistic expectations about what is normal; and may feel that something is “wrong” when it’s really not.

Don't Wait Another Night

New Moon Doula

PLEASE NOTE: Information contained in the courses belonging to the Holistic Parenting School at, by Katie Miles - CD, SBD, ISE, CYBE, is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional.

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