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Meet Katie!

Katie Miles (she/her) is a doula & educator who has served numerous families beginning their parenting journeys.

She became a doula because she passionately believes in supporting human rights in childbirth, educating families, healing birth trauma, supporting parent & infant mental health, and helping families to have a more positive pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum experience. 


Since 2015, Katie has been helping families to achieve the birth they want, care for their babies (and themselves!), and to get better sleep!  She strives to provide the education, options, and resources that new parents are seeking in order to empower themselves. 

Katie holds certifications as a Birth, Baby, and Breastfeeding Educator, and as an Infant + Family Sleep Specialist. She is also a certified birth, postpartum, and bereavement doula; and holds credentials as a Master Rebozo practitioner and Usui Reiki Master.

She has also completed trainings with Spinning Babies, Neonatal Resuscitation, Caring for Multiples, Birthing From Within's Birth Art Mentor Program, Bengkung Belly Binding, Breech Without Borders, the Bradley Method, and more. She received her BFA from Wichita State University in 2010.

Katie currently lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband and three children.

New Moon Doula

PLEASE NOTE: Information contained in the courses belonging to the Holistic Parenting School at, by Katie Miles - CD, SBD, ISE, CYBE, is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional.

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