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Even though doulas are known to greatly reduce the need for medical interventions during birth (and thereby reducing overall costs), we are currently NOT covered directly by Medicaid or most insurance companies. However, you may be able to submit a copy of your paid invoice to request rei for a portion of your doula fees!!

Review the checklist below, and carefully follow the steps in order to make reimbursement of your fees more likely.  (Note: your fees must be paid in full before the insurance company will review your claim.) 

Do you have a Health Savings account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

Birth Doula fees, Childbirth Classes, and Breast/Chestfeeding classes are eligible for direct payment or reimbursement with your FSA or HSA; although you may need a Letter of Medical Necessity from your care provider, and an updated invoice from me to send to your company. You can pay with your card directly via Paypal or Square, or you may request reimbursement from your HSA/FSA company for the amount paid.

Email me at if you need a copy of your invoice via email, or if you need an additional letter to send to your insurance company.


Requesting Insurance Reimbursement

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