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Ceremony Officiant

Katie Miles - Ordained Dudeist Minister

Performing simple, fun, non-denominational ceremonies in south central Kansas.


Serving ALL couples in the Wichita, Kansas area -

including multi-faith, non-denominational, non-religious/secular,

LGBTQ+ couples, and more…. LOVE IS LOVE.


As a Dudeist minister, it is my goal to assist you in creating  a laid-back, low-stress wedding ceremony, commitment ceremony, elopement, or vow renewal to celebrate your union. However, there are FEW rules that apply; this isn’t ’Nam, after all…

The ceremony must be:

- Legal (you must have a Kansas marriage license, or a Kansas marriage certificate for vow renewal)

- Between two consenting adults who understand the responsibilities of their unity (finances, wills, parentage of children if they so desire, etc)

- And between a couple who love and respect each other.

Dudeism takes no stand on deities or metaphysics; we deal with the world as it is presented, in its own time and place. I will take your opinions and beliefs into account, and use it to help design your ceremony accordingly. It is my job to honor your unity and what it means to you.



All packages include:


* Premarital Consultation (Zoom or in-person) to discuss preferences

* Officiating your service at the venue of your choosing

* Signing & submitting your paperwork to the county clerk

"Far Out"

Virtual Elopement Package


* Virtual Ceremony  (no customization or rehearsal)

* Includes you, your partner, and 2 witnesses via Zoom

* Marriage license must be signed and mailed to me before the ceremony

"Take it Easy"

Elopement Package


* Simple, Intimate Ceremony  (no rehearsal)

* Includes you, your partner, and 2 witnesses


Standard Package


* Larger, Customized Ceremony  (no rehearsal)

"Urban Achiever"

Deluxe Package


* Fully Customized Ceremony

* Attendance at your ceremony rehearsal

* Assistance with writing your vows

* Unlimited ceremony script revisions

Travel Fees:

Travel to the ceremony location beyond 25 miles from zip code 67037 incurs a travel fee.


26-50 miles - $50

51-75 miles - $75

76-100 miles - $100

101-150 miles - $125

151-200 miles - $150

Reserve Your Date

Thanks for submitting! I will be in contact with you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your payment policy?

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total fee must be paid in order to reserve a spot on the Officiant's calendar. The remaining balance due must be paid prior to day of your ceremony.

Can we personalize our ceremony?

Absolutely! The "Abide" and "Urban Achiever" packages include a longer, personalized ceremony.

You are also welcome to write your own vows.

Can you legally officiate at our wedding?

I am an ordained minister through The Church of the Latter-Day Dude - you can view my certificate of ordination. I have the full legal authority to perform weddings in the State of Kansas. For ceremonies in another state, I may have to register as an officiant.

When do we need to get our marriage license?

I recommend applying for your license at least 3-4 weeks before your ceremony, to ensure that everything is in order and ready to go. (It typically takes around 2 weeks to receive your license after submitting an application.) You can now apply for a Kansas Marriage License online HERE.

We were legally married in secret, but our family doesn't know. Can you still perform our ceremony?

Of course! I will just need to see a copy of your marriage certificate before the ceremony, as I am not permitted to perform a "fake wedding ceremony".

How do I order a copy of our marriage certificate?

You will need to wait at least 2 weeks after your ceremony for your license to be processed before ordering a copy of your certificate. You can order a legal copy HERE.

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