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Ceremony Scripts

These are just a few examples of your options for ceremony scripts; we will work together to customize your script in any way that you like.

VERY Simple Ceremony

We are gathered here today to unite _________ and __________ in wedded matrimony.

[Addressing each partner]  Do you take___________ to be your lawfully wedded [wife/husband]?

If so please answer I do.  (Respond)

By the authority vested in me by the state of Kansas, I now pronounce you [husband & wife].

Simple Dudefied Ceremony

Dudely beloved, we have gathered here today to tangle the threads of _____ and _____ as they begin to weave together the rug of marriage that will tie their lives together.

[To each partner]  Dude, do you take_____________ to be your lawfully wedded [wife/husband]? To be your special lady/gentleman friend, to hold in abiding matrimony, and not treat each other like objects? If so please answer I do. 

By the authority vested in me by The Church of Latter-Day Dude, a stranger, and the state of Kansas, I now pronounce you [husband & wife].  Dude and Dude, you may now seal it with a kiss, or what have you.   Bar’s over there.

Dudeist Ceremony

Dudely beloved, We are gathered here today  to tangle the threads of ______ and ______ as they begin to weave together the rug of marriage that will really tie their lives together.
What we do today is done in harmony with the laws of the state of Kansas, and in the beautiful tradition of Dudes throughout history who — while not heroes, ‘cause what’s a hero? — they fit in with their time and place.
Well, before I lose my train of thought, I want to say that you stand before me having requested that I marry you both without compulsion but with joy. Do you both do this abidingly and without being all uptight? [They answer]
Do any of you know of any new shit that’s come to light concerning why we may not continue with this wedding?  [Answer]
Then let us continue.

A man much wiser than myself once said, "Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, the bear, he eats you."
Marriage is a joyful yet difficult journey, and the success of a marriage is as dependent on mutual support as much as it is upon Love.
You each bring your own strengths and weaknesses to this union. Always remember that you must support and grow the strengths, goals, and ambitions of your partner as well as your own. You must also strive to be a source of comfort and resilience to support your partner's weaknesses.

     Difficult and easy bring about each other
     Long and short reveal each other
     High and low support each other
     Music and voice harmonize each other
     Front and back follow each other

As High and Low support each other, so must you complement one another.
As music and voice harmonize each other, so each of you must daily strive to become more than the sum of your parts - and ensure that your relationship is always of the highest priority.
As front and back follow each other, so must you realize that this relationship is a journey - not a destination.  Never forget that, in this journey, you are equal partners.
In order to gain wisdom; you must seek to gain further understanding of yourselves, and each other,  with each passing day. This will ensure that your love continues to grow.
Then, no matter what trials and tribulations the world throws in your path - together - with your combined strength, and love - you will always be prepared to "eat the bear"!



[To each partner], do you take __________, to be your [special lady/special man/special partner/what-have-you]; to love and abide with you, and to take it easy, through life’s strikes and gutter balls, as long as you both shall live?.”


[Share vows, if you have written your own]



______ and ______, you have shared promises and whatnot in our presence. Do you have a token or symbol of abiding together that you wish to exchange?

[To each partner]  __________, will you give your [token] to __________ and repeat these words:“I give you this ring as a constant reminder; of my promise to abide always and forever with you.”

[While Dylan’s “Man In Me” plays, the couple drinks from a communal White Russian, puffs from a sacramental J, bites from a single In-N-Out Burger, or what-have-you.]
To show their unity as a family and to tie the room together, these Dudes have decided to perform a [ritual]. [Explain ritual.]
You have shown before these gathered that you will not abide a line in the sand.  Like a beverage, this sand has combined to be more than its elements, forever.  And like a beverage, it is able to combine to make new colors, to spill and be refilled, to stain a rug, and to remove a stain, and to adapt to the shape of new receptacles.  May your family also. Abide.

__________ and __________, you have exchanged your promises, given and received tokens, and pretty much have taken it easy in my presence. According to the laws of the state of Kansas, I hereby pronounce you married Dudes. You may seal your union with a kiss, or what have you.


Far out!   I present to you, [Mr. & Mrs. ?]

Customized Ceremony

We can work together to create your own customized ceremony script!! This should typically include the following elements:

                    Greeting/Opening Remarks

                    Reading or other Offering

                    Declaration of Intent

                    Exchange of Rings/Tokens

                    Unity Ritual


                    Presentation of Couple

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