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Birth Basics

Birth Doula with Couple

Birth Basics is a self-paced e-course that you and your birth partner can take together, in the privacy of your own home!  Prepare yourself for birth with this condensed course, which contains selected lessons from the Holistic Childbirth Preparation course.

Birth Basics is 100% online and on YOUR schedule; taught by a certified doula & childbirth educator. You'll have lifetime access, so you can come back and repeat the modules at any time. The content can be viewed on the desktop website, using a tablet, OR take your coursework on-the-go using the mobile app!

Plus - the cost of your enrollment may be partially or fully covered by your FSA/HSA!  (see below for details)

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What's Included:

You will have lifetime access to this
self-paced, comprehensive e-
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  • 4 Video Modules

  • Printable Course Workbook 

  • Birth Planning Worksheet

  • Checklists to prepare you for pregnancy, birth, baby, and postpartum recovery

  • Cheat Sheets for you and your partner to use in labor

  • View on a desktop computer, tablet, OR on your mobile device using the app!

  • ...and more, all for just $127!

What Will We Cover?

Module 1: Preparing for Birth

  • Anatomy of the Pregnant Body

  • Stages of Pregnancy

  • Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

  • Nutrition

  • Building Your Birth Team

  • Red Flags

Module 2: The Birth Process

  • Preparing for Labor

  • The Hormones of Birth

  • Contractions

  • Measuring Labor Progress

  • Labor - 1st Stage

  • Labor - 2nd Stage

  • Labor - 3rd Stage

  • Common Procedures & Interventions

  • Surgical Birth

Module 3: Pain Management

  • Pain

  • Comfort Measures

  • Pharmacological Pain Management

Module 4: Postpartum

  • Your Physical Recovery

  • Newborn Procedures

  • Postpartum Recovery

  • Breast & Chest Feeding 101

  • The Fourth Trimester

  • Postpartum Mood Disorders

  • Planning Ahead

Enroll Today!


Meet Katie!

Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator,

& Holistic Sleep Coach

I'm a certified doula and educator who has supported numerous families in their parenting journeys. Since 2015, I've been helping families to achieve the birth they want, care for their babies (and themselves!), and to get better sleep! 


I'm passionate about providing the families that I support with the education, options, and resources that new parents are seeking in order to empower themselves through the most transformative experiences of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why should I take a childbirth class?
    Studies show that parents who attended a prenatal childbirth class had lower rates of preterm birth, lower rates of cesarean birth, are less likely to have their labor induced, improved communication with their partner & care provider, and felt more confident in their birthing experience!


  • When should I start my childbirth class?
    Ideally, the earlier in pregnancy, the better - before the third trimester if possible, so that you have plenty of time to focus on each module. However, no matter how late you start, you will still benefit from taking a childbirth class!


  • What's the difference between this (the Birth Basics Course) & the Holistic Childbirth Preparation Course?
    This course is a condensed version of the Holistic Childbirth Preparation Course; featuring selected lessons from the larger, more comprehensive course.

    Holistic Childbirth Preparation also includes:
    - The History of Birth
    - The Maternal Health Crisis
    - Fertility & Conception
    - Common Prenatal Testing
    - Communication, Exercise, Equilibrium, & Relaxation
    - Common Complications of Pregnancy & Birth

    - Labor Induction
    - Navigating Changes to Your Birth Plan
    - Laboring & Pushing Positions
    - Birth Brain Waves
    - Tips for Support Partners
    - Preparing For Visitors
    - Quizzes to check your knowledge
    - Reflection Exercises
    - and bonus Video Playlists at the end of each module!

  • What do I get when I enroll?
    The minute you enroll, you will have full access to all of the modules and downloads. You can work through the course on your computer, tablet, or mobile device - whatever works for you!
    The course workbook will be available for download as a PDF file, which you can print out at your convenience.


  • Can I pay for this course using my FSA or HSA card?
    Yes - this course is eligible for reimbursement by most plans! You can process payment through your FSA or HSA in one of two ways:

    - Pay your enrollment fee using your FSA/HSA card via this Square link, or via, and make sure to include in the notes: "Holistic Childbirth Preparation Course", plus your name, and the email address that you are enrolling with. Once the payment is processed, you will be sent an itemized invoice, and manually enrolled in the course.

    - Enroll online using your personal credit or debit card, and then you will need to submit a request for reimbursement from your company.
    You will likely require an itemized receipt; please email me at after purchasing the course, and I can then send you an updated receipt showing the necessary information (my tax ID & NPI number, diagnosis & procedure codes, etc.)
    Your company may also require a "Letter of Medical Necessity" from your doctor or midwife - this is basically just a statement including your medical condition (pregnancy), why the expense is required (preparing for childbirth), and how this expense meet
    s your needs (providing childbirth education.) You can print a Medical Necessity form HERE.

  • How long will I have access to the course content?
    Once you enroll, you will have LIFETIME ACCESS - including any future updates to the curriculum - so you can come back and review modules at any time, or re-take the course during a future pregnancy!

  • Can I share this course with my friends and family?
    Please don't share your course login with anyone other than your birth partner; however, if you enjoyed this course and would like to recommend it to friends and family, you can join the Affiliate Program to earn commissions on your referrals!

Start Your Journey Today

New Moon Doula

PLEASE NOTE: Information contained in the courses belonging to the Holistic Parenting School at, by Katie Miles - CD, SBD, ISE, CYBE, is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional.

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