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About Water Birth

Laboring in warm water during the first stage of labor has been shown to provide increased comfort and pain relief. Some studies also show a reduced length of labor, and fewer interventions. Water births (especially at home) are growing in popularity! Learn more about the research at Evidence Based Birth.

I offer The Oasis Elite Water Birth Pool for rental – designed by a midwife, with floor cushioning and S-beams for superior strength.  It also includes comfort grip interior handles, and an electric pump for quick inflation.  


(Size 66″ x 54″ x 28″)

How Does Birth Pool
Rental Work?

The typical rental period is about a month long – from 38 to 42 weeks. This will ensure that you have the pool ready for you when you need it.


Rental fees are $75 for my current birth doula clients, and $100 for non-clients.

Rental includes the following items:


  • Birth Pool

  • Disposable Pool Liner

  • Inflate/Deflate Pump

  • 25′ & 100′ Water Hose

          (for filling the pool ONLY)

  • Hose Adapters

  • Local drop-off and pickup at your home 

         (inside Wichita/Derby city limits only)

Optional Upgrades:

  • Deluxe Accessory Package  ($45)

     Pump & Tubing to drain the pool

      Shower Curtain Liner to protect the floors

  • Delivery & Pickup  ($25) 

     (For clients outside Wichita/Derby city limits)

Rental Packages:

Water Birth

Book it now!

Pool should be scheduled for delivery around 37-38 weeks. Once I can confirm that I will have a pool available, I will confirm the booking and send you an electronic invoice & service agreement.

Rates include drop-off & pickup (within city limits.)

Current Birth Doula Clients - $75

Non- Doula Clients - $100

Delivery & Pickup Fees - $25

    (Outside Wichita/Derby City Limits)


OR order from

Pool Accessory Kits are now available at!  Either faucet siphon or submersible pumps, including a 50' hose to drain the pool, and a small debris net.

(Enter code KMiles to save 10%!)

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