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Katie is an amazing doula! Her calming presence helped everyone - we could not have had the experience we did without her support.


Katie has been my doula two times now. Once with my own baby and then as a surrogate. Katie is well versed in all things doula and has a ton of knowledge to offer. She exceeds expectations by far and will come over in the middle of the night if you need her. I don't know how I would have made it without Katie cheering me on with two vbacs! I will always be grateful for her. I would recommend her to anyone I know!


She’s very down-to-earth, and when things changed drastically from our plan, she was able to change with us. We needed a moment alone after we realized we couldn’t have the plan we had hoped. After we both took some time to gather our wits, I talked to Katie and she was almost a step ahead of me. She’s absolutely amazing. I wish her the best, and have nothing but praise.


Katie is an excellent active listener. She heard my fears, wants, and needs and I didn’t feel judged once. She went out of her way for me time and time again, and I feel she was a direct attribute to my successful birth. She helped me manage my emotions effectively and was the best coach I could have ever hoped for. I think Katie does a fantastic job as an advocate for moms everywhere, and I wouldn’t change a thing! She is an expert doula and I recommend her services all the time. THANK YOU KATIE!!!

Our experience with Katie Miles far exceeded what role I had thought a doula played. Katie was very informative from the start and she was always there to answer any questions or give advice to us. Katie provided us with the support needed to achieve my VBAC by helping me to understand what natural labour entailed. Katie met us at the hospital the morning of us being admitted and she stayed all the way through for 16 hours and supported my journey every step of the way. We will always have a special place in our hearts for Katie, as she became part of our family so to say. I would highly recommend Katie as anyone’s doula as she is compassionate, understanding, and always supportive.


Katie has a positive, friendly, warm personality. I felt very comfortable around her and could tell she is a very caring, supportive person. During labor she helped my husband to support me and she did a great job of listening and responding to my cues. She was wonderful.

She sent me home with pre-made freezer meals, tea to aid recovery, oil for healing my cesarean scar, and was available 24/7 by phone. She called regularly to check on us. She made the lactation cookies that I could eat as a diabetic. I am amazed by her and have been since we met.


She was encouraging, positive, and very helpful to me. She was an advocate for what I wanted to do and was with us from beginning to end.

I wanted a natural childbirth without many of the interventions that come with hospital births. When I became pregnant, I looked into getting a midwife and we considered a doula, too. I found out Katie became a doula by chatting with her on FB. My husband and I thought that maybe we would skip a doula, because of cost, but I changed my mind and went for it. My husband wasn’t sure why we needed a doula. He said that he could provide all the help I would need. Boy, did he change his tune after the birth of our daughter two weeks ago!
In labor, Katie came over when my husband needed a nap and later left her comfort tools (massage items, oils, rebozos) so my husband and I could labor at home a bit longer. When contractions became stronger, we called Katie back and she stayed with us during some of the harder labor at home. She knew techniques that my husband didn’t know (though he took a Bradley class with me over the summer) and her hip presses really helped me out during back labor. I felt like Katie could tell what I needed sometimes without my saying anything and saying something became tough during more difficult contractions!
What ended up being a long labor was made much more comfortable with Katie there. When I wanted to try different positions she went with it even when the midwife suggested otherwise. I always felt like she was in my corner and very supportive of my wishes. Katie came back after the birth of our daughter to check on us and offer breastfeeding and babywearing advice. Katie’s calm demeanor and expertise really helped both of us out and we are so glad we hired her on!


Katie provided overnight care for our daughter. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy – these things helped us to rest easy and get some much-needed sleep.


Katie became my postpartum doula at a time of crisis in my life – my significant other was hospitalized and critically ill the week our baby was born. I also needed an emergency c-section, and was in a huge amount of pain postpartum. Katie walked into my situation and was so much more than I could have asked for! She talked with me, comforted my new baby and knew exactly what I needed before I even knew it myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Katie as a doula!


Katie was an incredible support throughout the end of my pregnancy and during my labor and birth. During moments of uncertainty that I had in myself I had her there to reassure me. I'm so happy I had a doula at my birth and and so happy it was Katie. If it weren't for the continuous support of her and my husband I am unsure if I would have had the birth I was wanting.



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