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“You may have heard the words ‘I’m sorry, but we cannot find the heartbeat.’  You may be experiencing the impending birth of your beloved baby not alive.  You might have been told that your precious one has a fatal diagnosis.  Whatever is happening right now, whatever you have been told about your baby, your situation, or the medical recommendations given, right now, may you take a pause.  Get into some comfortable clothing.  Pour yourself a cool glass of water.  Take some slow, dip, relaxing breaths.  Right now, you are still pregnant.  And no matter what the next moments, days or weeks may bring, you are still a mother.  And you always will be.”  –  StillBirthday


No matter what diagnosis

or outcome you are facing,

you do not have to do it alone.

As a Stillbirthday Doula,

I am trained to support your

birth in ANY trimester.

Bereavement support is different for every mother – you may want someone to attend doctors appointments with you, to help create a birth plan, to provide emotional support, to provide physical comfort, to be present for the birth of your baby, or for postpartum care.

You may need local resources, and to learn about bonding options for your tiny baby, and seeking to create mementos.  Stillbirthday Doulas hold space for the family, so that they don’t have to walk this journey alone.

I am trained to provide you with continuous one-on-one support at any time during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I am available to you 24 hours a day by phone, text, or email. I see you, and I am here to support you during this difficult time.


Birth & Bereavement

in the Wichita Area

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