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Can your family get better sleep WITHOUT sleep training?

SLEEP is the #1 concern with my postpartum clients!

But there is SO MUCH conflicting information out there from self-proclaimed "experts", and well-intentioned advice from friends and family, that it’s often hard to know where to turn for support!

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to sleep. Parents should be well-informed about their options; learn the facts about normal infant sleep, understand the neuroscience behind it, and the effects on their child’s long-term mental health; only then can they formulate a strategy that works for THEIR family.

That's why I became an Infant Sleep Educator!

So.... what exactly IS an "Infant Sleep Educator", and how are we different from a "Sleep Trainer"?

  • We provide up-to-date knowledge on infant & family sleep, brain development, relationships, and mental health.

  • We are experts in the ART of infant sleep techniques, navigating individual family needs, and supporting families.

  • We offer parents an alternative to Sleep Training - using a Developmental approach (working WITH your baby), instead of a Behaviorist approach (modifying baby’s behaviors).

  • We debunk the misinformation, and give you the FACTS!

  • We help families to get more rest, both physically and emotionally.

  • We teach parents about biologically normal sleep patterns.

  • We understand that every baby is unique; we help to find the tools that work for YOU, in order to create a personalized sleep plan that works for the whole family.

  • We provide emergency sleep support, and community resources.

An Infant Sleep Educator does NOT:

  • "Sleep Train" your baby

  • Encourage any method where baby is left alone to cry

  • Endorse any behavior modification techniques

  • Guarantee that your newborn will sleep through the night by a certain age

  • Time or space feeds & comforting at night

  • Promote a "one-size-fits-all" solution for all families

  • Push night weaning (unless you wish to do so at an appropriate age)


But parents shouldn't wait until they are struggling with sleep to reach out for help... they should be prepared from the start! There's no better way to prepare for parenting than educating yourself on what to expect. That's why I offer my Holistic Sleep Strategies course!

This course was created for pregnant and newly postpartum families, to set up healthy expectations and habits surrounding infant sleep. It is a gentle alternative to sleep training, using evidence-based research and developmental neuroscience. Enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive, self-paced e-course, from the privacy of your own home!

We will explore normal development and biology in order to support growth and bonding for optimal brain development. You will learn how to follow your instincts, listen to your baby, and understand their sleep patterns. By understanding their basic biological needs and developmental milestones, you will be able to create a healthy and safe environment for your family to thrive.

(And now through 9/30/20, you can save 50% using code "Sleep50")


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