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Choosing Your Doula: Part II

So – you’ve interviewed a doula (or hopefully a few!)  Now comes the hard part – making a decision. Here are some questions to consider asking YOURSELF!

Questions To Consider Asking Yourself After The Interview:

  • Were they really listening to you during the interview?  Did they seem truly interested in what you had to say?

  • Did they ask YOU any questions? Did they seem truly interested in getting to know you?

  • Do they seem knowledgable? Compassionate?  Do you feel like they would be able to answer your questions if you were feeling uncertain about something that happened during your pregnancy, or during birth?

  • Do their views align with your own?  Is this something that you value?

  • Do you feel like they could provide non-judgmental support? 

  • Do they seem supportive of your choices? If you were in a vulnerable position, do you feel like you could trust them to support you?

  • Would you feel comfortable with them in your birthing room?

  • Do you think your partner would feel comfortable with them?

  • Do you feel a connection? (Trust your instincts.)

  • Most importantly – would you feel comfortable sharing an intimate moment (such as birth) with this person?

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to keep looking!

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